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Sep 272020

1.8: Gifts On valentine’s (many girls give simply chocolates then, other people will select from their list), xmas or the mc’s birthday celebration you are going to receive something special in the event that you meet with the woman that day and now have at the least 20lp (birthday celebration) or 25lp (xmas and valentines). Each woman has a certain variety of what to offer and in case you have that product, they’ll skip to another location one, when they come to an end they will offer you a dessert. The presents from each certain woman are placed in their entry in 2: Girls.

Presently you will find 9 girls into the game of whom 5 are patreon exclusive, there are additionally 6 teaser girls (only have actually a conference presenting them).

2.1: Public Variation Girls

Bree: faculties: sporty, bookworm, playful, geek Talk topics: publications, meals, love, intercourse, politics, travels, computers, tv Television options: intimate comedy, cartoon, finding channel, porn (inside her, talking: love 50lp: 1/8,20 charm: 2/8), sex 20-charm/2lp: 1/4,120-charm/2lp: 1/4), travels 10knowledge and 80-charm/2lp: 1/4), tv (watched sm or femdom porn with her: 1/1), books (1/4) Kink loss: watching femdom porn, gifting the kink loss book Has after date sex Gift: z-box, knitted sweater (while wearing gives -5charm but +1dpl with bree if l 50 otherwise -1lp) Story events: finding your phone (living room), arcade gaming (arcade), home gaming (living room, needs the z-box), getting coffee (town), training montage (living room) Minor events: poolside fun (pool, spring or summer, 50 kp, had sex with her before), book signing (book store, need 25lp, 50$, 5%chance), Bowsette (living room, weekdays between 18u and 20u, at least 21 days have passed, 100lp) Dpl: knowledge, skill: videogames Favourite gift: books Favourite program: sci-fi Hangout place: during the week she studies at the university, on saturday she’ll be in the arcade Kink gain: potential story gain: 13, watching sm porn, gifting the kink gain book, cumming)

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